Studio Policies

Welcome to Voice in the Valley Music Studio! A student is not enrolled until a student profile is created and tuition payment method has been secured via TeacherZone, our online student management website. Payment is due in advance and must be submitted to Voice in the Valley Music Studio before the first scheduled lesson.

Should you enroll in the middle of the month we are happy to prorate your tuition for the first month of lessons. Tuition is non-refundable and must be paid via electronic automatic payment each month via TeacherZone. Voice in the Valley Music Studio will process payments on the 1st of each month for the following month. If a student's payment is not successfully processed, Voice in the Valley Music Studio reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel lessons for the student, which may result in the student's lesson time being assigned to another student.

Tuition is the same every month—regardless of how many weeks/lessons are in that month. There will be 35 lessons offered from September-May. June - August typically offer 4-5 lessons per month depending on the day of the week.

Payment is required at the beginning of the month, whether students will attend lessons or not. We have a specific lesson time reserved for each student, thus payment must be made regardless of attendance. This includes sickness, holidays, vacations, rehearsals, etc. Should you need to miss a lesson for any reason, we offer a free, 2-hour Musicianship Masterclasses each quarter to any student who has missed a lesson. (Please see our Studio calendar for dates)

There is an annual studio fee of $50 per student.

  • This fee helps off-set the cost of credit card processes fees, as well as overhead costs of the studio (phone/internet, insurance, TeacherZone, etc.).
  • This fee also helps cover the cost of our recitals. We do not charge to attend or participate in our recitals.
  • The annual studio fee will be assessed at the beginning of each school year. Should you join from March-August, the studio fee will be discounted at $25.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express auto-processed every month via TeacherZone. We can also process automatic bank drafts through ACH via TeacherZone.

No credits or refunds are issued for missed lessons for any reason. This includes sickness, holidays, vacations, rehearsals, performances, etc. Should you need to miss a lesson from time-to-time, we offer three, 2-hour Musicianship Masterclasses throughout the year in lieu of make up lessons or refunds. (Please see our Studio calendar for dates) If you know in advanced you will be absent, you are welcome to reach out to your instructor or another student to see if you may be able to switch lesson times that week.

In the event that a student anticipates an absence, he or she may notify the studio any of the following ways:
1) Our online student management system
2) By phone
3) By Email

If a student is tardy to a lesson, he or she will only receive a lesson for the remainder of the time available during their regularly scheduled lesson time.*

*Instructors are required to wait 10 minutes for a 30-minute lesson and 15 minutes for a 60-minute lesson.

Our instructors may need to miss a lesson from time to time. If an instructor needs to miss a lesson and is unable to coordinate a make-up lesson, we will do our best to secure a substitute instructor. If a substitute is acquired, student attendance is required and no refunds will be issued. If we are unable to acquire a substitute and unable to offer a make up lesson a refund will be issued.


We are proud to offer both online and in-person weekly lessons. Online lessons are conducted via Zoom.

If an in-person student would like to have a lesson online from time-to-time due to illness or other logistical obligations, we are happy to accommodate if we receive the request a minimum of 3-hours prior to the in-person lesson. We will do our best to notify the instructor and email all Zoom links in a timely manner, however, switching from an in-person lesson to an online lesson within the same day is not a guarantee.

We require two weeks written notice, when needing to withdraw from lessons. This notice must be provided by email to If two weeks written notice is not provided, a fee equivalent to two weeks tuition will be assessed and applied to your account. Please also remember that Group Voice Class tuition is not refundable.

Because the weather can change drastically throughout the day and because our hours are opposite of most school hours, we do not follow the local schools for weather-related closures.

We make an independent decision regarding whether or not to close in cases where the weather and/or the roads pose a threat to our staff and students. If we need to close the studio due to severe weather, we will do our best to offer an online/video lesson whenever possible. Should this not be an option, we will offer group make-up classes and encourage you to attend one of our 2-hour Musicianship Masterclass within any given quarter. Refunds will not be issued for weather-related closures.

From time-to-time, we take photos of our students at recitals, performances, etc. for promotional material on our website and social media advertising. If you prefer that we not use your (or your student’s) photo please email us at, and we will be happy to honor your request.

All of the policies herein are subject to change at our discretion.


Making music should be fun and enlightening. Embracing and refining the musical gift that lies within the heart of each individual is our top priority. It is a blessing to share our passion with you! We value your relationship and hope that you will let us know if there is anything we can do to ensure you have an exceptional lesson experience with us!

We welcome any questions you may have. Simply call or email us and we'll be happy to help you!

Studio Calendar

Please take a moment to look over our 2021-2022 calendar.* We have many fun performance opportunities for you or your child! We hope you will join us for our recitals in December and May, as well as our three Musicianship Masterclasses. All students young and old are invited to perform at our public performances! Our summer vocal performance camps are offered through the MV Creative Arts Council and are open for enrollment. We look forward to a fabulous year of music!

VIV 2021-2022 Calendar


In an effort to give our students, teachers, and families time to reset we will be closed for spring break. This week is built into our 35-week annual calendar and the monthly tuition remains the same.